William Dean and his Social Distancing Dating experience :)

William Dean had two social distancing play dates with sweet Madeline. William Dean couldn’t stop smiling and kept talking about Madeline all weekend. 🙂

Dinner for two
Tons of ball toss with even more chase 🙂
A lot of talking between all 🙂
Date number 2, this time playing cars 🙂

Six feet plus play dates with Gaga

William Dean loves that Gaga comes to hangout in the heat to play with him. He loves doing sidewalk chalk, playing toys in the shed, hangout time at the water table and of course trying to chase Gaga with the water bottle. Everyone gets a workout by time the hangout ends.

Water table fun
Pushing WD with a shovel to help keep the distance
Some talking and laughing time
Bubbles time
Tons of shed time with Gaga 🙂